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Scale to 7 figures in 12 months using paid media and email.

Our approach focused on data-driven decision-making, with a strong emphasis on creative messaging and visual aids.

To maximize exposure, we created unique emails that resonated with the artist’s fans, which led to high open rates and conversion rates. We also analyzed the performance of their campaigns and used this information to grow a large and highly segmented email list, which they grew from zero to over 150,000 email subscribers.


Massive email list and constant revenue coming in from targeted traffic.

The campaign was highly successful, generating millions in sales for the Anuel. Our creative approach, combined with a strong focus on data analysis, resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, engagement on social media, and a positive impact on the artist’s reputation. In addition, the large and segmented email list allowed us to reach the Anuel’s fans with targeted and personalized messages, which further increased conversion rates and overall revenue.

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