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Lower CPA across all channels.

Our experts developed a native advertising strategy that focused on maximizing returns while keeping CPA low. They initially tested their approach with a $30,000 ad spend, which generated impressive results. Based on these results, Ka’Chava increased their ad spend with us to over $3 million per month.


Used creative strategies to win at auction and scale quickly.

Our approach to native advertising included the following key strategies and tactics:

  • Targeting: We used our expertise in audience targeting to identify the most lucrative audience segments for Ka’Chava’s products. They then developed a targeted advertising campaign to reach this audience and drive results.

  • Ad Creative: We worked closely with Ka’Chava to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing ad content that would resonate with their target audience. The content was designed to drive engagement and drive users to the Ka’Chava website.

  • Optimization: We continuously tested and optimized their native advertising campaigns to ensure they were performing at their best. We leveraged data and analytics to make informed decisions about where to allocate their ad spend and make changes to their campaigns in real-time.

  • Data Analysis: Our expertise in data analysis was critical to the success of the campaign. We used data to make informed decisions about ad placement, audience targeting, and ad creative, which helped to keep CPA low and maximize returns.


Exceeded all expectations whiledriving significant growth.

The native advertising campaign exceeded all expectations, outperforming other marketing channels and driving significant growth for Ka’Chava. Some of the key results of the campaign include:

  • Decreased CPA: Our efforts to keep CPA low were successful, resulting in a decreased cost per acquisition for Ka’Chava.

  • Increased Website Traffic: The campaign drove a significant increase in website traffic, which helped to boost Ka’Chava’s online presence and visibility.

  • Significant Growth in Sales: Our native advertising campaign was a key driver of growth for Ka’Chava, resulting in a significant increase in sales for the superfood brand.

  • High ROAS: The native advertising campaign delivered a high return on ad spend, demonstrating the efficacy of the Swift Originalz approach and the success of the campaign.

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